How To Create A LinkedIn Newsletter

How To Create A LinkedIn Newsletter

Linkedin introduced in 2021 a new great function to create a newsletter to connect regularly with your target market and connections. In this article, I am going to step you through what to do and how to create a LinkedIn Newsletter. 

Before you start crafting your newsletter, you need to activate your account to creative mode.

Setting your profile to creator mode

To activate your profile to Creator Mode.  

To do this simply,

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn profile
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Scroll down to the Resources section
  4. You will see Creator Mode as the first option, click this to ON.

Setting up your Newsletter

Newsletters are created in LinkedIn via your Write Article post options.

When you are creating it the first time, you will need to set up your Newsletter first.

To do this,

  1. Go to your profile overview feed
  2. Click on Write Article
  3. You will see a button called ‘Create Newsletter’, click this button
  4. Create your Newsletter title (please note you can change this at any time)
  5. Select how often you will publish your newsletter.
  6. Add your newsletter description
  7. Upload an image for your newsletter (would recommend profile headshot for better audience connection)
  8. Make sure have ticked the box for Invite my connections and followers to subscribe, and
  9. Make sure you have ticked the box Subscribe me to my newsletter.

Writing your content

Now that your newsletter is set up, you can start writing your content.  This is done through the Write article feature.

Now that your newsletter is set up, you can start writing your content.  This is done through the Write article feature.

If you need to change your Newsletter name or image, when you click into the Write article section, you will see an editing pen and word so you can make the edits there. 

Simply write your article as you desire. You can add images and also links. 

Once completed, click Publish. 

Alternating between your Articles and Newsletter feature

Now that you have set up your newsletter, does not mean you can’t write individual articles. When you go into your Write article section, you will see a button next to publish the will show your newsletter name, when you click it you can see a dropdown menu to select either ‘create an individual article’ or ‘newsletter’. 


What happens after you publish?

Once you publish your newsletter, connections and followers will receive and notification of an invitation to subscribe. This is found under the Network section (same place as invitations to connect with people received). They will also be given the option to subscribe to your newsletter.

For clients I have helped launch their newsletters, we have hit over 100 subscribers in less than 1 day.

Need help?

Whether you are digitally challenged, or simply time-poor, please feel free to contact me to see how I can support you. 

How to set up an opt-in for your business

How to set up an opt-in for your business

You’ve thought about creating an opt-in on your business to entice your target audience to sign up to your mailing list. This is a great move, whilst social media is amazing to connect with your target market, you don’t own those platforms and if they were to close down tomorrow….you will have lost all your market. Therefore, building a mailing list is a great way to target your market and keep them. Creating an opt-in, which is like a freebie, showcasing your expertise is an attraction piece to entice your audience to join your mailing list.

For many business owners this seems easy but for others who have never done it before here is a guide to help you along.


What does your audience need?

Firstly, you need to define what your opt-in is. What is something your audience wants from you?  For example; people what to know how to start working with a VA, hence this is my website opt-in ‘How to start outsourcing’.

The types of opt-ins you can have are:

  • Email series
  • Ebooks
  • Video series
  • Worksheet
  • Mini e-courses
  • First chapter free of a book you’ve written
  • Discount on a product or service


Hosting your database

You need to determine which email system you want to use to manage your database and create your newsletters from.  Your options are MailChimp, Aweber, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Contact, and there are plenty more. How to do determine which one to go with.


Creating your autoresponder

Once you have created your opt-in, determined how you will have it run and selected your database company. You will then draft your welcoming email that will accompany your opt-in enticement.

Strategy Tip:  Don’t just have your opt-in information on your email, at the end of it, add information about your other products and services. This is your opportunity to advertise your business for free!


Test your system

Once you have created everything make sure you test it so you can see what you’re audience will experience and make any necessary changes you need to.


Marketing your freebie

Now that your system is set up, start marketing it. Post enticers on your social media platforms. Use your Facebook App to add a sign up feature.

Add a Pop up on your website to ‘say hi, sign in here!’ (so to speak). Don’t assume people will easily find your sign up.  Have an embedded sign up and a pop up one, so you have double opportunities to get your audience to sign up.


Unlimited opportunities

You are never limited to having 1 opt-in, so don’t be afraid to create others. Programs like Pop Up Ally allow you to have different opt-in feature on different pages of your website.  This is through the paid feature. You can learn more here.


Feels all too hard?

Guess what? I offer this service and can do it all for you.  Feel free to contact me to find out more.

Giving your customers the ‘experience’, not just the service

Giving your customers the ‘experience’, not just the service

‘Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Walt Disney

There is a big difference between customer service and customer experience. A customer experience is that memorable occasion that has them bragging about their experience, referring your business and returning for more.

Today, anyone can deliver customer service, but not everyone bothers to give his or her customers the ‘experience’.

So what is the ‘experience’ about? It is the little gestures. We often hear how people remember the simplest things, and how the simplest gestures can make a huge difference to someone’s day. It’s in the detail. Details can have a huge impact.

Here are 4 ideas you can incorporate into your business to give your customers’ the experience.


A handwritten note

Sending something to a customer such as a product or welcome pack, include a handwritten note. They never go out of fashion, and they do make someone’s day. It also show they matter to you, and are not just a number.


Email Responses

If you are always out and about, set up an email auto-responder advising your customer of when they can expect to hear from you, eg: ‘Thank you for your email, I’m currently attending to some errands and will respond to your email with 24 hours.’ This way they won’t feel like their hanging, or wondering if you ever go their email.


Thank you package

If you are a professional or coaching services when signing up new clients, send them a welcome/thank you package, make it about them but branded about YOU!   Or if someone is buying a service from you, include business branded lollies, thank you card, postcard, or token gift.


Birthday Cards

Send your clients a birthday card to let them know you’re thinking of them on their special day. There are online services you can use that will do this for you if you’re too busy to send handwritten notes. However I would recommend sending handwritten cards, just do them all at the start of the month and then post them at the relevant time. Image how touched your client will be when receiving them.

Psst….also a great way to remind past clients you’re awesome self is till there if they need you!!! (wink wink)


“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” Sam Walton, Wal-Mart


Profile them

If you are a service business that is seeing your clients get amazing results. Invite them to be featured in your blog or podcast, and interview them. This has two benefits, one your client feeling touched you want to share their success with the world, and two help increase your business credibility. With you and them sharing their interview on social media helps increase both parties exposure.

An important ingredient to remember is your customers are what keep your business going and growing! They are part of your revenue stream, and they are also your business advertising. An amazing experience has them talking, and the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact.


“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon


What in your business do you think you could include as a customers ‘experience’? Remember this is something above your customer service.

Do you have any other ideas we could add to the mix to help each other out, post them below. We’d LOVE to hear.

Why I love having a virtual business

Why I love having a virtual business

Once upon a time, pre-children, I worked in the blue-collar corporate sector. I was a Personal Assistant to the Managing Director and the Chief Financial Officer, along with supporting the Executive Team and liaising with the Board of Directors.

I also wore the hat of Office Manager, attending to all things office-related from corporate events, office maintenance and renovations, and the day-to-day functions. I liked my job, but truthfully I never really loved my job. Like all jobs, there were functions you had to do that you didn’t like, and occasionally working with people you didn’t necessarily see eye to eye with or enjoyed being around.

Whilst on maternity leave, I was getting nearer to returning to work. For various reasons, I decided to explore the avenue of becoming a virtual assistant. My thoughts were ‘I can type, surely anyone would want that skill’, but there were many lessons to be learned along the way.

Things I learned along the way

  • Boundaries (mine and clients)
  • Networking (the good, bad and interesting!)
  • Working to meet my needs in business, family and clients
  • Saying ‘No’
  • Getting back on ‘the horse’ when you’ve fallen off
  • Learning to identify what I want for me, my business and what direction I want to head in
  • And the list goes on.

Like with any journey or adventure we take in life, there are some cringe-worthy moments, some high five (or fist pumps) and some enlightening moments.

I have had my virtual business for 5 years, and I can easily say I LOVE who I work with, what I do in and where I’m heading.

The things I love most about my business are

  • I’m fulfilling a dream
  • Being readily available for my children
  • Staying at home with my children and not missing those special moments
  • I get to be a role model for my children
  • Work the hours that meet my needs
  • I work with the most amazing clients
  • I earn my own income
  • I get to stay in my casual or pyjamas some days
  • I am not being questioned by a boss on what I’m doing, or not doing
  • I am recognised for my skills, services and expertise
  • I have created my own brand, which of course is 100% me
  • I get to choose who I’ll work with and what services I offer
  • I can work from any location with the assistance of a mobile, Wi-Fi and laptop
  • I get to create the vibe and feel for my business that resonates with me
  • I work harder now than I ever did in a corporate job and I love every single minute of it, even the crazy ones.

Running your own virtual business isn’t for everyone, and it does take commitment and openness to always learning. You need to learn and understand your customers and their needs, along with establishing your own boundaries. You need to create support around you that meets your needs, and you need to have the drive to see it succeed.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to establish a virtual business, and avoid the ‘time wasters’ I experienced, please feel free to visit my ecourse How To Become a Virtual Assistant, or my 1:1 private VA mentoring, and together we can get you on the road to success.

Perhaps you are unsure of your direction, then let’s chat and get some clarity happening for you.

30 Blog Topic Ideas

30 Blog Topic Ideas

Writing a blog can feel daunting for business start-ups, or even those who are frequent bloggers and finding themselves block on topics to write about.  Here are 30 blog topic ideas to help you get your blogging on track.

For the start-up business, you feel you want to write blogs for your business but you don’t feel confident in doing so. Many people have the perception that blogs need to be lengthy masterpieces, but that is not necessarily the case. The purpose of blogs is to educate, inspire or communicate your audience about your expertise and to help drive traffic to your website.

To help you get started or back on track, I have put together ideas and suggestions you can use to help create content for your website without having to be an award-winning writer.

Before you start going crazy, determine what type of information your target wants to learn from you. What is that they are most likely going to seek from you, or what is the expertise they need from you.


How To Instructions

Give instruction on how to do something that is relevant for your business and audience. Include things like screenshots of what people can expect to see.

Latest Industry News or Information

Share with your audience important information that is relevant to them.

Topical Latest News

I was listening to a podcast by Darren Prowse from Probloggers, and he talked about how he wrote a blog predicting the winner of the American Idol show (or maybe it was Australia Idol, whichever!). Because the show was nearing its end and people were dying to find out who won, and of course, searching the net for answers, his blog traffic was huge.  So don’t be afraid to add completely un-business-related topics, you never know how they might pay off.


People love lists and quick and easy ones at that.  Here is a blog I wrote which is 50 call to actions phrases. Quick and easy.

Controversial Topics

Something bugging you, why not write about it.  But be warned, social media does bring out the worst in some people!


Give your audience a checklist of what they need to ensure something runs smoothly. A little freebie download always helps too.

Cheat Sheets

We are always looking for a better way to do some of the things in our business, so got a hack on how they do it, share it!

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to teach people things and give examples to enable them to learn and understand better.

External Resource Lists

Have your own list of going to’s for your business, why not give your audience one. 


Interviews are a great way to build exposure for your business, those you interview will share your post with their audience too.


Using a product or service you love, rave about it. Or perhaps you want to review two products against each other weighing up the pros and cons. Also, this is an effective way to review a product that you have an affiliation with.


Find out what your audience wants advice on, and write about it.

Monthly Summaries

Write a monthly summary on those who have been inspiring you, or teaching you new things.

Problem Solving

What are the most likely issues your audience has, problem-solve for them. Give them suggestions on what they can do to resolve the issue.

Video Blogs

Create a video if you don’t like writing/typing. Or create a stream of videos you find inspiration and share them with your audience.

Guest Blogs

Invite others to come and guest blog on your website.

Inspirational Stories

Everyone loves to be inspired, so share real life inspirational stories. Yours or others.


Give them a quiz to complete relevant to your expertise.

Facts / Statistics

Share the latest important facts and statistics relevant to your audience and/or industry.


Prizes!!!!! Yes every sure does love to win something for nothing! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly asked questions you receive in yoru business?  Answer them. Feature one per week or month and make it a series.

Event Summaries

Attended any events? Talk about them, link to them and share photos from the event. (psst….links are good for SEO!)


Sometimes pictures tell a thousand words, rather than type a 1000….draw it!  Pictures are great for giving people overviews or quick summation on topics. You can use free online tools like Canva to create infographics….they even have templates.  

Podcast Show Notes

Got a podcast, post it on your blog page with additional notes or references for readers. 

Round Ups

What’s been happening? Do a monthly round-up of what or who you’ve been dealing with, watching, talking to, learning from, following, stalking (just kidding) and admiring.

Behind the Scenes

People love to learn and gain an understanding on how things happen.  So why not share with them.


Looking for quotes to share with your audience? I know I always go searching. So why not do one better, and create a list of your favourites so when others go searching for quotes, they land at your website.

Affiliate Product Review

Affiliate products are a great way to get extra money in your pocket. So why not write about the product or topic and embed the affiliate links so you can convert sales.

Blog Series on a specific topic

Got a big juicy topic, don’t just write about it. Break it down down down and make a series on the topic.  Keep them coming back for more.

Your own real-life story

Nothing connects better than real-life adventures or stories, so don’t be afraid to share them. Be a storyteller.


I hope this blog has given you lots of ideas. Psst…wish you to outsource them, then please check out my blogging service here.