Managing the details!

Launching a new program, webinar or event. You know what you want however bringing it all together can feel like a very long to list, that you feel you are not equipped to achieve, nor do you really want to be wasting your time dealing with, when you have the content to bring together.

Don’t give yourself the unnecessary stress, and let’s chat about how I can support you achieve your outcome.

My nickname is ‘Scout’, because I’m always prepared. I pride myself on trying to cover the little details that bring a launch together.  I am the person behind the scenes, helping small businesses bring their launches to life.

Thanks to Anne my Beach Yoga program has been a success for the past five years. When I had the vision to offer a large summer program running yoga on various beaches in Victoria I had no clue how to make this happen. Advertising, flyer design, payment systems, marketing strategy, pricing, ect….all of these areas are not my forte. Thankfully, Anne has been there to support me from day 1. Her practical as well as strategic advise on how to run the project practically and manage all aspects relating to design, promotion and managing a team of up to 10 teachers and 5 venues has been invaluable. Each year, the program gets better, more profitable and easier to roll out. I trust Anne 100% as she gets my ideas, style of delivery and bigger vision. Working with Anne is a total win for everybody: myself, our students and the teachers who I am able to employ. Pamela from Yoga Sanctuary

What is covered

  • Creating landing pages
  • Building funnels
  • Promoting
  • Setting up all the behind the scenes requirements
  • Day to day management
  • Communications / Membership Management
  • Customer Service

What you can expect

  • A mapped out strategy and action plan
  • Regular communication 
  • Confidence in implementation and monitoring
  • Unwavering support

I go above and beyond to help make your launch as spectacular as possible.

Anne has worked with me now for a few years and knows my business better than I do!  In fact she makes the perfect partnership where I can focus on my passion and she takes care of the ‘stuff’ I don’t like or understand.  She’s smart, she’s savvy and she’s highly efficient and that makes her the perfect partner to brainstorm ideas to meet my business objectives. She takes my ideas and breaks them down into bite size pieces and then goes off and executes them.  Its brilliant! She totally gets the challenges of small, growing businesses and provides excellent, affordable, and achievable strategies that align with my short term goals and long term mission.  Together we have grown my mailing list considerably, developed numerous opt-ins, hosted live webinars, created my first online ecourse and has held my hand with both launches that generated almost $10k. Whatever you ask of Anne…she can deliver…and then some. Sharon Selby from Beat The Treats