6 ways to look after your existing customers

6 ways to look after your existing customers

As businesses owners we focus on growing our business and getting customers in the door. How we love a new customer!!! Then there are time when we are faced with the challenges of trying to gain more customers, and what we are forgetting and neglecting are our pre-existing customers. We most definitely should not be neglecting those amazing customers we already have.

Yes, focus on bringing in more customers. BUT don’t forget those that are already there and love who we are.

Perhaps you struggle with ideas on how to look after those customers. Here are 5 simple, yet very effective, ideas to help you keep those customer you have smiling and feeling loved.

  1. Send them a birthday message

    Today is my birthday and I received an email from Business Chicks wishing me a happy birthday and it made me feel great and loved!

  2. Offer a birthday gift or discount

    At the start of the month send an email to those on your mailing list who’s birthday is within the month, offer them a $20 voucher towards their next purchase. I received some from Kikki-K, Tony Bianco, Oroton and others. Yes, of course I went shopping, and I spent more with them.

    If you are in the wedding industry, then make sure you are marking those wedding dates so you an congratulate the couple, and touch base with them on their anniversary. For example: A wedding venue like  winery, send the couples that were married within the month an anniversary note and a complimentary champagne or monetary value towards a meal back at your venue. A couple is most likely to take the prompt to book a weekend away with their spouse, which would mean a returning customers and a happy customer to tell others about you. AND, if it’s a big anniversary, e.g.: 10 years, 20 years, 25 years…then offer something a little more and plant the idea of renewing their vows.

  3. A personal note

    Send your customers personal note advising of new products or services you have introduced they might love.

  4. A VIP night or event

    Customers love to feel special, so create a special event for pre-existing customers. Make them love you more!

  5. Discount or Loyalty Cards

    If you are a retail shop and you have customers visiting, create a loyalty card. Either points to be collected, or every time they make a purchase they get a stamp or mark towards a freebie. e.g.: For a hairdressers, each appointment get a stamp, and the 5th appointment get free.

  6. Referrals

If a client is referring others your way, why not send them a gift. For those who don’t have time to be running out to buy gifts and then post them, send them an electronic gift, like a book voucher.

What things do you have in your business to keep your customers coming back? I’d love you to share them below.

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6 ways to stop comparing yourself to others

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How to create a landing page in Mailchimp

How to create a landing page in Mailchimp

What are landing pages and why do businesses use them?

A landing page allows you to create a page focusing on an offer that your target audience wants. As a landing page is created only specifically for content of ‘value’ to your audience, it captures all relevant information on that page and avoids your target market getting distracted by other pages on your website.

How many times have you landed on a website and gone to do something specific and ended up somewhere completely different, because you were distracted by other areas of the website. A landing page helps eliminate those distracts for your audience.

Landing Pages and Mailchimp

Mailchimp help support small businesses, especially with low budgets and offer some of their amazing features under their free option level, and more premium features on their paid levels.

Landing pages are great for building a buzz on products, or getting a key message out to your audience.

Mailchimp had templates to cater to some of the following:

How to set up your Mailchimp landing page

Sign into your Mailchimp account

Click on the CREATE dropdown menu button


Name your landing page AND select the AUDIENCE group the landing page will be directing sign ups to.

Click the BEGIN button

You will now land at the following page.

SELECT A TEMPLATE you want to use.  You can edit any template, so choose the one that is a style you like. Look at the names of the templates, which will help give you an indication on what they’ll achieve for you. For this example I have selected GROW YOUR LIST blank template.

Click on the LOGO to add your logo (or header image if desired)


Add in your ‘pitch’ for your audience.  You can edit the style and colours etc on the right hand side, just as you would in a campaign (newsletter) creation.


On the right hand side are the options to show what you can include. Eg: You can add FIRST NAME and you can make it a required field.

You can also adjust your button words SUBSCRIBE

To adjust the style of the SIGN UP FORM, click on the middle tab called STYLE.

Once finished click SAVE & CLOSE.

TO ADD YOUR BACKGROUND, click to the MAIN MENU and click on DESIGN tab and then PAGE, this will allow you to add your background image or colour.

If at any stage you want or need to change any section of your landing page, you can do so through this page.

TO REMOVE THE MAILCHIMP LOGO at the footer of the landing page and privacy information, you need to have a paid account, and you can simply click the option off.

If at any stage you want to PREVIEW your landing page, you can click PREVIEW on the top right hand side of your Mailchimp page.

Once you are happy with your landing page, click SAVE.

Now you need to give your page a TITLE.

You can add a custom URL. You can connect it to your website, however this is a high paid level.

You can add your website address and landing page name to it, as shown below.

Once completed, CLICK ON PUBLISH.

Your landing URL link is now available for you to copy and use.

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