How to network online

How to network online

Many experts tell us it’s highly recommended that networking is the way to get your name out there. This is correct. However, for the business owner that can’t attend networking events in person for various reasons, here are some tips to help you network online.

Firstly, choose the social media platform you like to use and that your potential audience would also use.  The most highly recognised social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

Once you’ve selected your networking platform, take some time to become familiar with it.  Understand the basic to making your profile work.

For this blog, I will be using Facebook as social media platform.

Here are my suggested tips to make online networking work for you;

  1. Share knowledgeable content with your followers, give them a taste of your expertise.  Be sure to mix it up with some fun enlightening content and don’t be afraid to share a little bit of you.
  2. Share content from those you admire, want to content with or whom your followers would gain from their information. Be sure to thank or acknowledge your source for the information.
  3. Search for the locations your target audience would most likely hang out.  Don’t just focus on pages they’ll follow, but also group they may be part of.
  4. Seek the opportunity to connect with your audience, particularly where you can display your expertise / industry knowledge.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself that you can offer some informative knowledge to a post, giving your business potential exposure.
  5. Signing off your posted comments with your name and tag your business eg: Anne from Anne C Clark (to tag your page type the ‘@’ symbol and then start typing your business name, once it appears in the dropdown menu, select it.)
  6. Remember you are representing your brand, be sure to re-read what you have written to make sure it’s not offensive or can be misinterpreted.  Where applicable share an example and don’t be salesy (it’s a turn off).
  7. Be your business voice.  If you’re trying to build your business profile, talk in your business manner not your ‘hanging out with friends’ manner.  Because you are your brand and you want to attract your audience.
  8. Invite comments on your business page.  Don’t tell them you want them to ‘like’ you.  Tell them you’d love the opportunity to connect with them and invite them to share their pages on yours.  This is a little cross promotion and it never hurts.
  9. Liking a page, when liking a new page don’t write “Hi I’m your newest liker, come and like my page”.   It doesn’t make me look at you.  Try being complimentary and tell them what you love about their page.  Add your sign off signature.  If they want to connect with you, they will.
  10. Negative comments will arrive occasionally.  You have the choice to manage them or simple remove them.  I personally feel it depends on the comment that enables you to make the choice on how to handle it.   I worked for a very high profile business entrepreneur and her rule was NO negative comments, and her reason was very justifiable.  She wanted her page to be a safe harmonious place for her followers, therefore no negativity.  (That’s not so bad)

I invite you to connect with me and share your Facebook page in the comments, so we can come and say hi.  And, don’t be afraid to pop over to my page and say hi too.

Mailchimp Automation Changes

Mailchimp Automation Changes

MailChimp have made updates to where the Automation workflows are located.

Originally you would have found a 5th menu tab saying Automation, but now you will find it under Campaigns.

Now you will see the following menu on your Campaigns page, and Automations is located under the second tab Ongoing

You will see all your automation workflow campaigns to the right.

To create a new Automation, you will now need to do the following steps.

Click on Create Campaign, the following screen will appear.

Click on Create an Email, the following screen will appear.

On the top menu you will see Regular, Automated, Plain-text, A/B Test. Click on Automated.

In the next screen, choice your campaign type.

Some clearer to see feature automations are ‘Welcome new subscribers’ – this is standard one we use for opt-ins on a website. For retail stores ‘Say happy birthday’ is a great on to get people spoiling themselves on their birthdays and ‘Share blog updates’ is a great one for business consultants or bloggers who write articles regularly.

When you click on ‘Welcome new subscribers’, you get the options of creating a

  1. welcome message (First impressions matter, so automate your welcome message to make sure no one slips through the cracks. Plus, you’ll get 5 times more orders per recipient compared to bulk emails),
  2. onboarding series (Too much information at once can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just getting started. Share tips and resources with a series of onboarding emails.) or
  3. education series (Use an educational series to manage an online course, or simply send a series of emails that engage and inform).

Once you have created all your emails in your series, please make sure you click the final button that says ‘Start Workflow’, otherwise it won’t work.

How to link your Squarespace to Mailchimp

How to link your Squarespace to Mailchimp

For those who are setting up websites using Squarespace but struggling on how to link it to the Mailchimp account. Here are some instruction to help you confidently link them.

#1.  Log into your Squarespace Account

#2.  Go to the page you want to add your sign up bar in

#3.  Edit your page

#4.  Click the right ‘+’ icon the top right hand side

#5.  Scroll down to the MORE section

#6.  Click on Newsletter icon and drag it to where you want to add it

#7. Enter in your display details

#8. Click on the second tab Storage.  You will the platforms you can connect to. If you can’t click the plug icon on the squarespace campaign and the others should appear.

#9.  Click Mailchimp, and link your website to your Mailchimp account my login into Mailchimp as the prompts come up on screen.

#10.  Select your list and connect the corresponding fields.

#11.  Repeat the above for everywhere you want to add the form on your website.

If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself, then please connect with me and I can assist you.


Tools I use to enable me to run my business from any location

Tools I use to enable me to run my business from any location

Being a business owner and operating my business remotely, here are some of the tools (hardware and software) I use to enable me to have the flexibility.

My hardware is basically my laptop, mobile phone, internet connect (I have my home internet when working at home, and I have a mobile wi-fi for working elsewhere).

My software programs are;

Dropbox, stores all my files and I can access them from any location. I can also share folders and files with clients or project teams.

Hootesuite, I use to schedule and monitor my social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. I schxaedule my content for Facebook directly onto Facebook.

Bulkly is a service that connects to your Buffer account. The neat thing about Bulkly is that it will automatically add and recycle your social media updates back into your Buffer account. This means no more manually adding content into your Buffer queue. It’s a real time saver!

Asana, I use to manage my workload and client projects. Asana allows me to invite people into various projects, or clients and I to manage our workload.

Canva PicMonkey, I use to create social media posts for clients. Additionally, I have a paid cloud based Adobe account for Photoshop which I use a lot to create my blog and social media images. Along with Adobe Acrobat to create fillable PDF files and edit PDF files, which I do for clients.

Skype, allows me to liaise with clients face to face, or voice only. And it’s free.

LastPass, I use to store all clients and my passwords, so I only have to use one password to get into my LastPass account. It also enables clients to share their passwords with me, without actually giving me the password itself.

Xero, I have just started using Xero for my accounts, having previously used Freshbooks. Both are cloud based, so I can managed and invoice clients.

Most of these programs are either free, offer a trial period or are well priced.

Do you have any favourite programs you love using?

What are ‘white noises’?

What are ‘white noises’?

In life we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or blocked, and these can be from what I call ‘white noises’.   When we are filled with white noises, they are complexities distracting us from the path we choose to be on, and we can become filled with so many emotions that we are utterly confused and consumed with self-doubt. We loose our ability to listen or trust our own instincts.

You may relate to some of these white noises that have represent themselves somewhere along the line. You may have been strong at the time and able to stop them from causing blockages for you. However for many, when trying to establish a business, or change direction, or strive to reach their heart-desired goal, they are already vulnerable and cracks can already be appearing in their confidence.  This can be purely from stepping outside their comfort zone, which can result in ‘white noises’ seeping in.

The types of white noises are

  • Family, friends or business colleagues telling you WHAT or HOW you should be doing things, or simply telling you everything wrong with what you are currently doing.
  • Sales tactics roping you into buy products or services you don’t need, resulting in you getting information overload.
  • Your own self-doubt – thinking you’re not good enough, capable, or worthy
  • Comparing yourself to others in their journeys
  • Over-analysing everything

Emotions caused by white noises

When we are consumed by white noises we can find ourselves feeling the following:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Insecure
  • Self conscious
  • Unsure
  • Lost
  • Blocked
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Flat / Low

How to stop white noises

When you find yourself feeling consumed by white noises and their emotions, it’s the one important time you need to step back from the situation and find alternative ways for you to relax and switch off.

Why switch off?

Because when we step away from the melting moment, we can find ourselves become more clear-headed and able to listen to what our own instincts are telling us.

There are times when white noises can just be so overwhelming and you may find yourself unable to switch off or grasp a clear vision of where you are going.  This is where a coach can help you, we work to help you work through your blocks, help you get clear on your goals and support you every step of the way.