The volt of trust

The volt of trust

There is a talk by Brene Brown on the ‘Hidden Damage of Gossip’.  This is a great topic, because with social media these days it seems to have made people more freely to talk about others and in turn breaking the trust volt.

What you share with me, I will hold in confidence.

We do all do it. Most of the time it’s done innocently enough but then there are those times of true damage, where it was done with the intent to harm and hurt someone else (whether it be with or without their knowledge).

Let me explain.

The moments where we talk to family or close friends about a mutual friend, whether they have asked us about that person specifically, or whether they have struck up a conversation and said ‘what’s been going on?’ and we may have nothing exciting then we inadvertently talk about someone else and what they’ve been up to.

We are in fact betraying their trust, because as Brene Brown explains …… it’s NOT for us to tell. It’s their story.

Friendships built on gossip

Frequently we find people are building relationships on common enemy intimacy (as Brene Brown calls it).  This is where their relationship is built purely on the gossip of others.  Sound or feel familiar?

In these types of relationships, guess what happen when you stopping talking about other?

You discover you have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. The ‘relationship’ crumbles.

Did I need this type of relationship?

No, you do NOT.

That is simply NOT a friendship or a relationship you need in your life.

If you find yourself feeling perhaps a relationship exists based on this merit, then take the time to step back and reflect on it. Stop talking about others and try to get the relationship to build on real foundations. And of course, if it doesn’t then be kind to yourself and walk away.

Would really call this type of relationship friendship?


When you share someone else’s gossip, it’s reflecting back on YOU. Because you are being viewed for what you are doing. In betraying someone else, people will only assume you will betray them.  Whether you intend to or not.

Ways you can remind yourself not to fall into the trap is to think of the following:

  1. Would you want them to be your friend if your relationship is built on gossip?
  2. Would you want them to gossip about you?
  3. Would you want them to have the opinion of you that you can’t be trusted?
  4. How do you want others to perceive you?

You deserve to have amazing friends who value you for who you truly are, so make it your goal to only allow and build those types of relationships. There are lots of beautiful amazing people just waiting to be your friend.

What have been your experiences with friendships?

50 Call To Action Phrases for your social media and blog posts

50 Call To Action Phrases for your social media and blog posts

Do you find yourself struggling to come up call to actions when writing your blogs or social media posts? Here are 50 call to action phrases to help you along the way.

  1. Click here if you …..
  2. Download now
  3. Grab your copy now
  4. Don’t miss out
  5. Click here for more details
  6. Join now
  7. Your invited / I would like to invite you
  8. Ask away
  9. Grab your free copy
  10. Available for a limited time
  11. Offer expires ….
  12. Hurry ….
  13. Satisfaction guaranteed
  14. Act now
  15. Get started today
  16. Get it now
  17. Limited time
  18. Limited availability
  19. Best review
  20. Top rated
  21. No strings attached
  22. No commitment
  23. Reply today
  24. Free shipping
  25. Yours now
  26. Buy now
  27. Take our quiz
  28. Don’t hesitate to call
  29. Biggest mistakes learned
  30. Free Consultation
  31. Add to your cart
  32. Easy to use
  33. ‘Dummy’ proof
  34. Offer expires at …..
  35. Get your free gift, when you …..
  36. Schedule an appointment
  37. Book now
  38. Enrol now
  39. No payment upfront
  40. What do you think
  41. Share your comments
  42. Share your tips
  43. Reserve your spot now
  44. Watch this video
  45. A must watch
  46. No experience required
  47. Free trial
  48. Don’t click now (it’s a draw card…when you say ‘don’t look’ what’s the first thing they do…look!)
  49. Act before it’s too late
  50. Last chance


Got any more you can add, post them below, the more the merrier!

What has been your best call to action message?



You’re trying to step up in your business but suddenly notice that Mary over there is launching the same thing, and Jane over there is doing XYZ that you’re doing too. You stop, you can’t compete, you feel they’ve got it better than you, you’re petrified no one is going to buy your products, or your questions EVERYTHING. 

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