Why I love using MissingLettr for my business blogs

Why I love using MissingLettr for my business blogs

One of the greatest fundamental in business that business owners are doing wrong is……

They are spending 80% of their time creating new content but only 20% of their time resharing that content.

It, in fact, should be the other way round.

If you’ve gone to all the efforts to create content, such as writing blogs, then you should be using them to share on your social media platforms.

Perhaps it feels all too time consuming. I get it.

Now, allow me to explain why I love Missinglettr so much and use it for all my blogs.

Missinglettr turns your blog posts and YouTube videos into a year’s worth of optimized social media content.

Once I have written my blog and hit the published button, within 10 minutes I receive an email from MissingLettr advising my campaign is ready for review.  I log in and review the campaign and make any necessary tweaks I need and press pubs.

Then over a period of my choosing, generally a year (365 days) the campaign will be drip feed to my social media platforms.

Missinglettr links to Instagram (business),  Facebook page and group, Twitter, LinkedIn page and profile.

If you use my affiliate link, you will also get 50% off any plan you choose. Click here to learn more.

One of the features I also love is that once a campaign has finished its run, you can reuse it to go again, which is awesome on timeless content.

I have been using it for over 2 years and absolutely love it.

Why blogging is good for your business

Why blogging is good for your business

Tossing the idea of whether to introduce a blog to your business? Not sure if it’s worth your time or effort? With billions of people online, here is why blogging is good for your business.

Marketing Online

Blogging provides another free online marketing platform for your business. With you creating regular blogs, you are giving your target market more reasons to come and visit your website. The overall objective of social media and marketing, in general, is to convert your target market to paying customers. Creating regular content is inviting potential customers to your website because they want to read more. Upon arrival, many visitors go exploring your website to learn more about you.

Showcase Your Expertise

Writing blogs, especially when you answer your market’s key pain or pleasure points, enables your target market to see you as an expert and want to learn more from you or work with you.

Pain points are the issues your target market is currently facing and they are seeking help to resolve them. Pleasure points are identifying how your product or services are going to help make your audience feel. The resolution to their pain point.

Opportunity to Upsell

A great strategy with a blog is to write about a pain or pleasure point, and if you have a product or service you can use your article to upsell and encourage your reader to buy.

Repurposing Your Content For Social Media

You can use your blogs to create social media content, and be able to repurpose them frequently by either sharing all blog content, a snippet from the blog and creating teasers to go to your website and read the full blog.

Creating Visibility For Your Business

People discover information online today, so if you want to be a discovered and become a visible expert then blogging and social media will provide you with the visibility. It helps to search key topics your audience wants to know about and write about them.

Expanding Your Exposure

If you introduce an interview series to your blog, you have the potential to open your business to a wider audience, because those you interview will also share about the interview to their audience.

Think of your bigger picture for your blog, it’s more than just a simple article, it is another platform to build your business exposure, expertise and connections.

Why you DO NOT just grab images from Google or Pinterest

Why you DO NOT just grab images from Google or Pinterest

You are creating content for your social media, perhaps you’ve written a new blog and need an image to accompany it, maybe you are promoting a new product and want some images to promotional purposes. Raise your hand if you are guilt of just googling images and grabbing what you find. Or if not Google, maybe from Pinterest. Did you know you could be potentially breaking copyright law?