How to set up canned responses in your MAC mail.  A great time saver in business, especially when sending the same frequent email to multiple parties is to create a template or as it’s know as a ‘Canned Response’.

Here are the steps to creating your MAC Mail Canned Response.

  • Open your MAC Mail
  • Go to your menu header ‘Mail’
  • Click on ‘Preferences’
  • Click on Signatures
  • Click on your email account that you would most likely send that email from.
  • Click on the ‘+’ to add a new signature
  • Title your new template email, in my example I have used ‘VA Service Enquiry’
  • Write your ‘canned’ response
  • Go back to your emails
  • Open and email to send, click on the ‘signature’ drop down menu and select your ‘canned’ response
  • Make any necessarily adjustment to personalise it to your sender
  • Send!
  • If you are a Gmail user, you can also do this using these instructions ‘How to set up canned responses in Gmail‘.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below.  Otherwise, I hope this process saves you a lot of time.