Being a business owner and operating my business remotely, here are some of the tools (hardware and software) I use to enable me to have the flexibility.

My hardware is basically my laptop, mobile phone, internet connect (I have my home internet when working at home, and I have a mobile wi-fi for working elsewhere).

My software programs are;

Dropbox, stores all my files and I can access them from any location. I can also share folders and files with clients or project teams.

Hootesuite, I use to schedule and monitor my social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. I schxaedule my content for Facebook directly onto Facebook.

Bulkly is a service that connects to your Buffer account. The neat thing about Bulkly is that it will automatically add and recycle your social media updates back into your Buffer account. This means no more manually adding content into your Buffer queue. It’s a real time saver!

Asana, I use to manage my workload and client projects. Asana allows me to invite people into various projects, or clients and I to manage our workload.

Canva PicMonkey, I use to create social media posts for clients. Additionally, I have a paid cloud based Adobe account for Photoshop which I use a lot to create my blog and social media images. Along with Adobe Acrobat to create fillable PDF files and edit PDF files, which I do for clients.

Skype, allows me to liaise with clients face to face, or voice only. And it’s free.

LastPass, I use to store all clients and my passwords, so I only have to use one password to get into my LastPass account. It also enables clients to share their passwords with me, without actually giving me the password itself.

Xero, I have just started using Xero for my accounts, having previously used Freshbooks. Both are cloud based, so I can managed and invoice clients.

Most of these programs are either free, offer a trial period or are well priced.

Do you have any favourite programs you love using?