One of the most common blocks that stop business owners from outsourcing, is they’re constantly perception that they’re not ready, or don’t have the budget. This isn’t the case. Holding onto your workload and trying to grow your business is a combined formula for getting NO WHERE. 

If you are consumed with doing all the administration, social media, newsletters, business backend, then the reality is you leave NO room to be able to

#1 work in your genesis zone, and

#2 grow your business.

Picture your perfect day in your business. It would go something like this. You’re creating, working and doing all the things you love that ignite your inner spark. Your business is flourishing and you’re earning the revenue you desire.  In this vision, I bet you were not sitting there being swamped down with business system tasks. No, you’ve got your perfect team working alongside you taking care of it all. 

Awesome, right?

This isn’t a dream; it most definitely can be your reality.

How do you start?

Firstly, work out where your genesis zone is. What do you do best in your business? How can you leverage this to create income for your business?  

Perhaps you have a LONG list of great ideas but haven’t had time to create them. Go through your list, identify the project that will bring in revenue but take the least amount of time and cost to create. Start here. You will use your income from this to #1 fund the other projects, and #2 start outsourcing the work you need done but haven’t got time to do or are not good at doing.

Remember, a task that is probably taking you 1 to 2 hours to do, is most likely going to take a virtual assistant who specializes in this area 30 minutes to 1 hour. Yes, half the time (or less) to what it takes you. Why? Because they’re specialists at doing it and with the frequency they’re doing this task, they’re much faster at getting to the final result.

How to identify what to start outsourcing?

Look at all the things in your business you aren’t good at doing, or you loathe doing. Out of those, which are the key components that MUST be done. Start there.

There might be 2 or 3 items that fit this category.

Now, work out the frequency of when they need to be done. Calculate roughly how long each task takes to do and multiple this by your hourly rate. This is what your current cost is to get this job done.

Once you know how long it takes you and what it costs you, you will effectively have a rough budget for what you will spend on this task. Obviously, it should be less than what you have calculated.

How to find a virtual assistant?

Ask friends who are using virtual assistants who they’d recommend that was an expert at the task you need done. It’s important to know you don’t have to have just one virtual assistant, you might have several to focus on certain tasks. (This will enable you to also have a back-up if one virtual assistant isn’t available to help you)

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to go overseas and hire a cheap virtual assistant to get your tasks done. The amount of time I see this happen, only to have the business owner come back to their local virtual assistant.  Many owners think hiring a virtual assistant for $10 is better than hiring one for $50 an hour, however, the hourly rate isn’t the issue. The time it takes to do the task is where the catch is. Yes, business owners have been caught up with a higher cost from the $10 an hour person.

Before you give a job out, ask for a quote on how long it will take and the cost.  Tell the virtual assistant you hire, that if they reach this budget amount they MUST contact you and advise where the project is at. Be firm is stating they are NOT to go over the amount as you can’t pay it (they don’t need to know if it’s the case or not). This prevents miscommunication, unexpected costs and bad experiences.

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential virtual assistant as many questions as you need to. They’re always will to help.

Keeping the relationship strong

Commonly it’s forgotten virtual assistants are business owners too. And don’t just work for one person, the more notice and communication you have with them, the better the result for you.

Treat them kindly as you would want to be treated yourself. I recently had a new client advise me their previously virtual assistant was abusive at them, swear constantly and talk offensively about the client’s client. NOT ACCEPTABLE EVER!  Don’t put up with anything that makes you uncomfortable or that you’re not happy with.

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