Why leaders should be focusing on the WHY people.

Why leaders should be focusing on the WHY people.

For those of us who have worked in the corporate world, we have all heard phrases like ‘Only Yes people get promotions’, ‘No people are difficult employees and will never go anywhere’, ‘They’re a Yes person’, or ‘another YES person got promoted’. 

Well, I think management, leaders and those looking down, need to STOP and pay attention.

Stop promoting your YES people, and take a second look at your WHY people.

They are the ones you’re classing as saying ‘No’. But in fact, most aren’t saying no, most are just asking more questions because they’re actually committed, passionate and thinking of your companies overall objective. 

As a coach, I often hear amazing clients say they’re not consider for promotions in their career path because they ask too many questions, or they aren’t ‘yes’ people. 

My questions to you leaders;

  • Wouldn’t you rather the employee that thinks outside the box and asks ALL the questions, to aid your business in avoiding potential issues such as recalls, bad publicity,  financial backlash?
  • Wouldn’t you rather the employee that is confident to step up and ask those questions, when others are afraid to? (hence they said exactly what you want regardless of the results)
  • Wouldn’t you rather the employee that has your back as a leader to ensure the product service and quality are being upheld to deliver under your command the best results for the business? 
  • For all the people who are around you saying Yes, if you were honest with yourself, how many of them do you truly trust?

Having an employee willing to put themselves out there and ask those questions everyone is afraid to ask will in the long-term benefit the business.

Remember, when things go wrong the blame goes straight to the leader, not the yes people. At least your ‘no’ employees will have done everything possible to help and support you.


Facts about YES people

Yes people often in an effort to please all and avoid confrontation, simply say yes. Often it’s yes without thinking things through.

Yes people react without forethought for any other commitments or over-comitments, along without taking the time to review all facts.

Yes people are likely to be resentful employees. Especially when all those ‘yes’ don’t work to their favour.


Facts about WHY (also labeled ‘no’) people

Why people always look outside the box at the bigger picture.

Why people play attention to details, often flag things that others have neglected.

Why people are often the ones that companies can’t afford to loose because their emotional intelligence is far beyond the capabilities of Yes people. However Why people are the ones often overlooked for promotions or recognition for their work. Why people are often the ones work are dedicated and work extremely hard for a company.

Why people are loyal people.


What are your next steps as a leader?

A smart leader recognises capabilities and assets to an organisation. They will take their personal emotions out of their decisions, and choose the right people for the roles. Why employees will benefit not only the organisation but you, as leaders. Creating the best team of ‘outside the box’ thinkers leads to great wins for all.

Try this exercise. Look at all your employees, if you could honestly look at each employee, regardless of whether they’re tagged as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ person, who stands out that would truly benefit the organisation long term? Why do they stand out? Skills? Knowledge? Abilities?

Now how many of those have you falsely label ‘No’ people.

Going forward remove the label ‘No’ from these people, they are simply your Why people.

They only even want to understand ALL aspect of any processes before a decision is made, so that the right decision is made.

Why people are your people.