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Hiring a virtual assistant Archives - Anne C Clark
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Determining when you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant

Determining when you are ready to hire a Virtual Assistant

You have started your business and you are finding yourself faced with people advising you to ‘get a virtual assistant’.   I personally don’t think you should, and here is my why.   If you have not worked in your business conducting all the day to day functions, how will you determine what you love, hate, need assistance in doing or simply don’t have the time to do yourself.

Whilst having a virtual assistant on your team is a great asset. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend bringing one on board at the start of your business.

In my years in business as a virtual assistant, on many occasions I have been hired by business owners/entrepreneurs in the making, wanting me to manage various tasks from administration, social media, blogs, websites and newsletter, as they have anticipated increase volume in workload. Even though they aren’t at that stage yet. Or it may be that they have a new product or services launching and anticipate a high volume level of work for them and their virtual assistant.   Whilst I do truly wish their dream came to fruition, sadly it’s rarely been the case. As a result I have seen them have to admit they don’t have the funds or the work requirements for a virtual assistant, at this point in time.

My recommendation is to allow the work to flow in, and the demand levels increase so you can 1) learn how your business operates, and 2) clearly identify what functions would be best outsourced so you can utilise your time more effectively and efficiently in your business.

In saying the above, please note that if you don’t have the skill base or the capabilities/time to learn new programs, then of course outsource these functions to an expert. If you have the time to learn, then take the time to learn! (You’ll feel empowered conquering them.)

A virtual assistant, if available for your business, is generally ready to come on board and start immediately. You are better to get to the point in your business where you are ready to off load a higher volumes of work or the work you don’t want to be doing because you have more than enough work and the finances to fund having a virtual assistant on your team.

If you are at the point in your business where you are ready to outsource, and want to know more about what types of things you can outsource, then please sign up here for my free opt-in which is a starting guide on what to outsource.

10 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant

10 reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant

We, as business owners, are always trying to manage it all, especially in our start up phrase of business. Managing it all can have a detrimental effect in the long run. Why? We can easily become consumed with doing all the backend work ourselves, in turn chewing up our valuable time that we could be focusing on our business growth. Establishing your foundations from the start is a great way to ensure as you grow and build your business, you are on solid ground.


Many people become consumed with money, and the ability to afford a virtual assistant. However, did you know you can hire virtual assistants to work within your budget range. If you can only afford 1 hour a week or month, that is completely okay. Just make sure you are utilize their time on important tasks you need done, rather than just any old task.


Here are 10 reasons why you should be hiring a virtual assistant;


Time – getting your time back. Whilst a virtual assistant attends to your backend requirements, you can be focusing on clients or business growth.


Value – it’s more cost effective for your business to hire someone to attend to your administrative or online content management, than you.


Cost – hiring a virtual assistant against what your charging clients is a more cost effective avenue. You may be charging say $200 an hour, and hiring a virtual assistant between $30 to $50 an hour. You are making $150, doing what you love and know your business requirements are also being attended too.


Budget – you can hire help at a budget amount, just determine what your budget amount is. You might start at 1 hour a month, or a week, and then as you grow your hours with your virtual assistant can grow.

Expertise – Virtual Assistant specialize in certain industry or skills, so bring to your team a valuable resource.

Manage – A virtual assistant can manage your day to day, along with specific projects or even your teams.

Growth – some virtual assistants are more than just virtual assistants. For example, I’m also a business coach and life coach, and help businesses strategies their social media and business growth opportunities. So I have more understand of what your business needs are and should be.

Reporting – a virtual assistant can update and maintain daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report for you, no boring tasks for you to do.

Customer Care – One of the biggest downfalls business owners make is getting caught up in administration, there customer care falls down. A virtual assistant can manage your customer care so your business reputation remains prominent.

Sanity – Yes sanity. Often business owners become so overwhelmed trying to keep on top of everything that they end up feeling completely overwhelmed. Having the right virtual assistant to support them helps eliminate this.


Finding the right virtual assistant is vital, as your relationship with them is what will help your business and you grow. 


If you want to learn more about how to prepare yourself and your business to bring a virtual assistant into your team, click here and receive my free ebook outlining all you need to know.