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What does a virtual assistant do?

Wondering what a virtual assistant is and how they can help you in your business? A virtual assistant is a …..

5 items to include in your newsletter

Struggling to come up with content ideas for your newsletter? Have no fear! Help is here. I have 5 items to help you get started.

10 Things You Should Have On Your Website

Building a website is not a cheap investment, especially for start-up businesses. Therefore it is so important that you are doing it the right way the first time. It's also important to note, that not all website designers offer all the things you need. Some may...
6 ways to look after your existing customers

6 ways to look after your existing customers

As businesses owners we focus on growing our business and getting customers in the door. How we love a new customer!!! Then there are time when we are faced with the challenges of trying to gain more customers, and what we are forgetting and neglecting are our pre-existing customers. We most definitely should not be neglecting those amazing customers we already have. 

Why you DO NOT just grab images from Google or Pinterest

Why you DO NOT just grab images from Google or Pinterest

You are creating content for your social media, perhaps you’ve written a new blog and need an image to accompany it, maybe you are promoting a new product and want some images to promotional purposes. Raise your hand if you are guilt of just googling images and...

Learn how to SYSTEMISE, AUTOMATE & OUTSOURCE your business

This guide will help you understand the difference in all 3 areas - systemising, automating and outsourcing. You will be able to complete exercises to help you identify what areas you can potentially be changing in your business to give you the flexibility you need. 

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