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How to archive your mailchimp contacts

Here are simple instructions to archive contacts in your Mailchimp. Click on your Audience Icon Click on All Contacts, or on the right-hand side button 'View All Contacts' In sub-menu, click on New Segment Click on Email Marketing Status is the status drop-down menu...

10 steps to ensure you correctly take risks in your business

Risk are a part business, taking risk doesn’t mean you have to exposure yourself in way that you fear. Learn how you can do it the right way.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Wondering what a virtual assistant is and how they can help you in your business? A virtual assistant is a …..

6 ways to look after your existing customers

6 ways to look after your existing customers

As businesses owners we focus on growing our business and getting customers in the door. How we love a new customer!!! Then there are time when we are faced with the challenges of trying to gain more customers, and what we are forgetting and neglecting are our pre-existing customers. We most definitely should not be neglecting those amazing customers we already have. 

Learn how to SYSTEMISE, AUTOMATE & OUTSOURCE your business

This guide will help you understand the difference in all 3 areas - systemising, automating and outsourcing. You will be able to complete exercises to help you identify what areas you can potentially be changing in your business to give you the flexibility you need. 

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