The week of February 17 is Random Act of Kindness Week. Here are 30 ideas for you to help start sharing the love and kindness the world that needs more. 

Here are 30 ideas you can do as a random act of kindness.

  1. Buy them a coffee
  2. Have a coffee with them and listen to their stories…..just LISTEN
  3. Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  4. Donate some money to a charity close to your heart
  5. Send some a card saying hello 
  6. Give your spot up in a line
  7. Give your seat up on public transport
  8. Simply say hello, hope you’re having a great day
  9. Buy a bunch of flowers and give them to someone who looks like they’d benefit from the surprise
  10. Invite someone to dinner you know would enjoy the time with you
  11. Donate old belongs to charity
  12. Buy a couple of copies of Big Issue and hand them out to friends (gives a homeless person money and you’ve helped spread the word on the great cause it is)
  13. Make extra batches of food and deliver them to someone who could do with the break from cooking, or who’d appreciate a home cooked meal
  14. Give your postman a thank you for always looking after me treat
  15. Shout someone lunch
  16. Bring in morning tea for the office, just because.
  17. Buy some extra grocery items and donate them to charity
  18. Ask your local charity if they need a couple hours of your time
  19. Ring a friend you having spoken to for a while
  20. Give someone $5 and tell them their next drink or snack is on you
  21. Stick happy notes around to make people smile. “Smile, you never know who’s watching! Merry Christmas”
  22. Buy a takeaway meal and give it to the homeless person you can see.
  23. Give a compliment to a service person for the great job their doing. (psst…people are quick to criticise but not many stop to praise!)
  24. Help an elderly person with their groceries to their car
  25. Buy some extra present for the wishing trees
  26. Buy books you love and give them to strangers with a note on why they might love this book, and if they don’t feel it’s for them to pay it forward to someone else who would.
  27. Donate coloring books and boxes of new crayons to the pediatric wing of a hospital.
  28. Give someone who need it, a hug.
  29. Make little biscuit gift bags and bring them to the nearest retirement home for the residents
  30. Give someone a compliment, because you like something about them.

Ben carson says

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.”