Christmas and New Year’s are great times for us to switch off and reflect on the year we’ve had. It’s also an equally important time to break from the ‘norm’ that is our day to day busy lives. It can feel daunting that we know need to switch off but not necessarily sure how or what we can do to help us achieve this.

Here are ideas for you to try;

  1. Go for walks through your own neighbour or city. You’ll be amazed what you find. We spend so much time looking to go elsewhere, we never see the treasures in our own backyard.
  2. Go device free. It can be a day, a weekend, or even more challenging a week. Leave a voicemail on your phone advising calls your taking a sabbatical (bringing a period of rest) from technology and you’ll return their call when you’re back.
  3. Take time out daily to do some meditation, or go for a walk along the beach or in a park. Connect with nature, breathe in fresh air and switch off from the noise that fills your head.
  4. Do some sightseeing. Visit your city museum, art gallery, exhibitions or events. Something you wouldn’t normally do.
  5. Declutter your home and workspace. Might sound like working but it’s definitely not. When we declutter and tidy up our spaces, we create more flow and find ourselves feeling less stressed, overwhelmed and we create a more relaxed mindset because things feel organised and spacious.
  6. Introduce new morning rituals, use your holiday period to get the new habit happening. This could be a new healthy food regime, with some morning meditation or yoga, followed by mapping your day out eliminating chaos or confusion.
  7. Organise a catch up with friends. Connect with friends that make you laugh and you enjoy the company off. Sometimes life just gets very busy and catching up with friends can be challenging. Use your holiday to connect and relax, knowing you don’t have to rush elsewhere and can thoroughly enjoy your time together.
  8. Rediscover something old. Perhaps you loved to cook, so dig out those cook books and start trying out recipes. Or maybe you loved to paint or knit, but time got away from you and you haven’t done it for a long time. Now’s the time to do so.
  9. Watch all those movies that made you laugh or bring back special memories. Get caught up in the laughter, tears and emotional connections those movies brought into your life. Psst…crying is great therapy!
  10. Introduce a something new, like a journal. Make a point to sit down daily and write about your day, emotions and anything you need to express. This could become part of your bedtime ritual. It’s a lovely way to let go of the days events and send you into a calm night sleep.

Make this break the time for you to recharge, reconnect, rejuvenate and renew your mind, body and spirit. Give yourself time to be in the NOW.