Yes, everyone is promoting their 2020 plans and they’re implying you should already have done yours. YIKES!  The reality is, time escapes us, business get ridiculously busy this time of year and someone keeps stealing the hours. Probably that cheeky elf on the shelf!

Is it gonna cost your business massively if you don’t have it done ‘yesterday’. Possibly not.

Let’s explore how you can get it done and survive without having to work 24 hours a day for the rest of 2019.


Identify what is urgent

If you have projects or launches happening in January or February. These should already be underway in your planning. If not, breathe. It’s still doable.  Write a list of what MUST be done, mark off what you must do and then hire a team to help you get the rest sorted. 

Leave everything else that isn’t urgent until the new year.


Switch off, it helps will help you switch on again

If you’re stressed and under the pump, you are not going to be able be creative with business ideas for 2020, nor are you going to have the energy to think that far ahead.

Take at least a week off over the Christmas period so you can recharge and relax. Often when we are away from our day to day business, the best ideas come and our creativity starts to reignite.

You’ve worked hard, you do deserve the break.


Book in a date

Righto! You need to get 2020 sorted. Book a date with yourself to work on the year ahead, mapping out what needs to be done and what you want to do.

Spend your time focusing on these key elements:

  • What you want to achieve by the end of the year
  • What you need to achieve it (coach to support you and help you map it all out, a project manager or virtual assistant to help you implement it and so forth)
  • What is going to help you make money faster, in order to fund your other ideas.


Make a commitment to yourself through 2020 to start checking in monthly on how you’re going.  Join a mastermind to be held accountable, or if you want something more personal work with a coach 1:1.

Lock in regular time to work ON your business not in it.


Build the team

Don’t hold yourself back with pre-conceived ideas that you need to have LOTS of money to start hiring a team to help you get things done. When you suddenly start freeing your time to work ON your ideas and in your genius zone you start to achieve results and more money.

And the trick is to ask for a quote so you are not caught off guard with a price. If you want to engage someone regularly to support your business, talk about locked in monthly retainers. Win win for you and them!

It’s important to remember, that you can achieve it and it really doesn’t have to be done yesterday.  2019 was a hard year for many, and you need to rest and rejuvenate yourself in order to have a cracking 2020.

Your first step was reading this post, your second step is to booking a chat with me to see how we can make it happen to get the result you want to achieve.


2020 is going to be your year. So let’s make it happen.