In life we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed or blocked, and these can be from what I call ‘white noises’.   When we are filled with white noises, they are complexities distracting us from the path we choose to be on, and we can become filled with so many emotions that we are utterly confused and consumed with self-doubt. We loose our ability to listen or trust our own instincts.

You may relate to some of these white noises that have represent themselves somewhere along the line. You may have been strong at the time and able to stop them from causing blockages for you. However for many, when trying to establish a business, or change direction, or strive to reach their heart-desired goal, they are already vulnerable and cracks can already be appearing in their confidence.  This can be purely from stepping outside their comfort zone, which can result in ‘white noises’ seeping in.

The types of white noises are

  • Family, friends or business colleagues telling you WHAT or HOW you should be doing things, or simply telling you everything wrong with what you are currently doing.
  • Sales tactics roping you into buy products or services you don’t need, resulting in you getting information overload.
  • Your own self-doubt – thinking you’re not good enough, capable, or worthy
  • Comparing yourself to others in their journeys
  • Over-analysing everything

Emotions caused by white noises

When we are consumed by white noises we can find ourselves feeling the following:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Insecure
  • Self conscious
  • Unsure
  • Lost
  • Blocked
  • Confused
  • Angry
  • Flat / Low

How to stop white noises

When you find yourself feeling consumed by white noises and their emotions, it’s the one important time you need to step back from the situation and find alternative ways for you to relax and switch off.

Why switch off?

Because when we step away from the melting moment, we can find ourselves become more clear-headed and able to listen to what our own instincts are telling us.

There are times when white noises can just be so overwhelming and you may find yourself unable to switch off or grasp a clear vision of where you are going.  This is where a coach can help you, we work to help you work through your blocks, help you get clear on your goals and support you every step of the way.